2nd Coming Broadcasting Network is a supporting ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. 2CBN exists to proclaim the Three Angel’s Messages of hope to a world in need. We are dedicated to sharing God’s love and Jesus’ second coming through the use of television and internet. We operate solely with volunteers and rejoice in the exercise of faith through sacrifice for God’s work.

God created media for one reason. He created media to share the gospel truth. Media is a powerful tool to reach the masses. The devil has hijacked this tool and is using media very successfully against God’s cause. But media must be put to a right use. It must be used in accordance with Biblical principles to be a light in a dark place. Media includes many avenues, such as television, radio, internet, and printed materials. If we harness these avenues to spread the gospel, what a great work can be done! 2CBN is dedicated to sharing God’s Word of truth through the use of television and internet.