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2CBN is now streaming online 24/7

The programming of 2CBN is once again broadcasting live, now through the internet on our home page. Our programming is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Watch programs about Bible study, prophecy, health, as well as relaxing nature programs, and much more! We’ll be working on a way to make a schedule available on the website so you can see what’s coming up next.

2 Years of Production!

Here at the 2CBN studio we’re celebrating the end of our second year of production today! It was two years ago that we first began production as a media team. In the time since then, God has taken us through high times and hard times, teaching us many lessons along the way and using our channel in big ways.

2CBN itself began around 2007 in the minds of several business people based in Nairobi. The idea was a big one. Why not have an Adventist TV Channel in Kenya? Why not use it to spread the 3 Angel’s Messages to millions of Kenyans? Thus it began as simply an idea, but then it grew, and through Divine appointments and connections progress was made and the idea began to morph into a project.

In January 2012 Daniel Hill came to train a team and help start production. Partnering on site with the East and Central African Division (ECD) Media Center for the first 6 months we helped to produce programs for both 2CBN and ECD Media. When God miraculously provided an already sound proofed studio we moved to Jogoo Road in east Nairobi. About this same time Daniel, representing 2CBN, traveled to Kampala to assist with the production of Hope 2012, Gospel Flames presented by Pastor Blasious Ruguri, President of ECD.

On the 1st of August 2012, we first went on the air in Nairobi through Digital TV with Startimes. In the months following we became known not only in Nairobi, but also Mombasa and numerous other areas across Kenya. Phone calls, texts, and emails streamed in from people who enjoyed our programming and found peace and hope while watching. Soon we even started hearing reports from people who had seen our signal in other countries! We didn’t even know how they were getting the signal! Soon 2 other terrestrial DTV providers picked up our signal as well. Sometime in early 2013 we received an offer from a TV provider that wanted to broadcast our signal into 15 other African countries! However before we were able to follow through and meet their requests our broadcast took an unexpected turn. Due to insufficient finances our signal went dark on July 26, 2013. Here is a report from Frank Ricks, then the General Manager:

“As of tonight at about 6 pm, just before the Sabbath began here in Nairobi, 2CBN channel 809 no longer exists and we are off the air.”

As a faith-based ministry 2CBN is dependent on not only donations (local and international) but ultimately on God in order to continue operations and broadcasting. The last few months since we’ve been off air have been disheartening to many, as we’ve learned through the phone calls and emails that have come in from our viewers.

However our time has not been wasted. Our team has been busy recording a number of Camp meetings with speakers like Randy Skeete, as well as many shows and programs that have been produced in our studio. For us this down time has provided a great opportunity to increase our locally produced content.

In Jan 2014, Daniel Hill returned after spending a year abroad to take up the responsibilities of General Manager as Frank and Valerie Ricks returned to the US.

Here at 2CBN we are praying and looking forward to the day that 2CBN-TV will once again beam through the air throughout Kenya and beyond carrying the message of hope to a perishing world. We covet your prayers as we continue working to spread God’s last day message through media to the precious people of Africa.

CH 117 – Going on the Air with a Test Signal!

2CBN has been up till now in the process of both creating content and preparing for going on the air. The time has finally come! God has opened the doors in wondrous ways and by God’s grace we are going to be testing our signal on the air next week! We will be broadcasting a digital TV signal with the Pan Africa Networks and will be going on the air in Nairobi and Mombasa, with Nakuru and Kisumu soon to follow.

Watch for 2CBN on channel 117 in your Digital TV decoder!